Aiko Bailey

My name is Aiko and I am a Washington State Licensed Acupuncturist and Eastern Medicine Practitioner. I completed my Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine training at Bastyr University. My treatment modalities include acupuncture, moxibustion, tuina, cupping, Chinese food therapy, and Chinese herbal medicine. 


I am originally from Yokohama, Japan and spent a large part of my life in New York City. While there I studied research methods and worked as a data analyst before I unexpectedly found a passion for acupuncture and eastern medicine.


My very first treatment was in a small clinic in Tokyo. At the time I had just left my job in NYC and went back to Japan for a visit. I was miserable with eczema, hives, constant lower back pain and high anxiety. My mother, who was studying Chinese medicine theory, forcefully took me to her teacher’s acupuncture clinic. She insistently told me “I already made the appointment with my teacher, so you have to go!” After 10 sessions of intense acupuncture and one Qi-gong treatment, my skin cleared, my hives stopped, my back pain was gone, my mind became calm and I felt physically energized. I felt truly better for the first time in years. 


This was the starting point to my journey to experience and learn Chinese Medicine - because of my background in data I wanted to understand how this change happened and how I could help others with their challenges.


As a practitioner of Chinese medicine, I strive to understand each of my patients well and come up with a unique treatment plan. I believe each of us has a potential to heal our bodies and my job is to optimize your potential using Chinese Medicine approaches. I look forward to being part of your journey to well-being.

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