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Dr. Jeff kehoe

My journey to medicine began in early 2010 after walking away virtually unscathed from a serious car accident. This profound experience encouraged me to take a closer look at how I was living my life and ultimately led to sobriety through a program of recovery. While this was the most important change I needed to make for my health at that time, I quickly realized it really had nothing to do with alcohol in the bigger picture. In good times or bad, the alcohol was just a symptom for the unhappiness with my spiritual, mental, and physical condition at that time.


Once I was more firmly rooted in recovery, I was ready to look closely at these aspects of my life. I began to focus on areas of need such as nutrition, sleep, movement, self-care, spirituality, and more.  Simple concepts but not always easy to incorporate in our lives for a variety of reasons. Change is not easy, and I’ve been there time and time again.


This shift launched me towards a greater calling in how I could share my experience, strength, and hope with others. There was a desire to be a catalyst for change and help others take advantage of those moments of synchronicity just as others helped me. Truthfully, I stumbled across naturopathic medicine by accident, but I’m not so sure there are coincidences in life anymore. Once at school, personal and professional experiences ultimately led me to acupuncture and Chinese medicine as well.


I love to teach and empower my patients so they feel more confident in taking control of their health. And I always incorporate the nervous system and discussions around the mind-body connection. This is critical because if we always feel like we’re running from a bear, or our body is operating that way without us knowing, we will always be out of balance. From a Chinese medicine perspective, our Yin and Yang will be out of balance. Whichever lens we’re using, we certainly won’t be in a state to promote healing.


I enjoy working and supporting most health conditions especially when it comes to acupuncture. I am particularly passionate about treating mental health concerns, insomnia, chronic pain, digestive issues, and reproductive health. For the last year, I have been focusing primarily on fertility support whether it’s natural conception, IUI, or IVF.


I completed my training at Bastyr University in the greater Seattle area and earned a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine (ND) and Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MSAOM). Additionally, I am Board Certified in Biofeedback and completed additional training in TCM Psychiatry and Yin Yoga instruction. I am currently studying for the ABORM certification which is the professional designation for acupuncture and traditional Chinese reproductive medicine.

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Dr. Jeff is able to schedule two rooms in an hour.  Please find a time that suits your needs.  If you do not see a time that works or are experiencing difficulties, feel free to call or text our Bellevue office at 425.679.6056.

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